Partnership Schools

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All schools in the SCITT are among the best that Portsmouth has to offer. They were selected for the quality of education they provide for Portsmouth children. Each school serves a very different catchment area. In practice, this means that Portsmouth Primary SCITT is able to offer a range of training experiences to prospective candidates.

Ark Aryton School
Headteacher: Anne H-Chapman
Telephone: 023 9282 4828
Arundel Court School
Headteacher: Karen Stocks
Telephone: 023 9282 4893
College Park Infant School
Headteacher: Debbie Anderson
Telephone: 023 9266 2823
Court Lane Infant and Junior
Headteacher: Jude Ramshaw
Telephone: 023 9237 8890
Craneswater Junior School
Headteacher: Dave Jones
Telephone: 023 9273 4787
Fernhurst Junior School
Headteacher: Roberta Kirby
Telephone: 023 9273 5998
Flying Bull Primary School
Headteacher: Daemonn Hewett-Dale
Telephone: 023 9269 4313
Manor Infant School
Headteacher: Helen Castle
Telephone: 023 9282 0548
Medina Primary School
Headteacher: Howard Payne
Telephone: 023 9237 5475
Meredith and Isambard Schools
Headteacher: Lucy Carroll
Telephone: 023 9266 3846
Milton Park Primary School
Headteacher: Wendy Fowler
Telephone: 023 9273 3793
St Paul's Primary School
Headteacher: Zoe Killick
Telephone: 023 9237 5488
Stamshaw Infant School
Headteacher: Jo Cooper
Telephone: 023 9266 1192
Langstone Infant School
Headteacher: Victoria Page
Telephone: 023 9283 2642
St Swithuns Catholic Primary School
Headteacher: Andrew Olive
Telephone: 023 9282 9339
Northern Parade Infant School
Headteacher: Debbie Anderson
Telephone: 02392 662596

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