Case History

Tara FanceyIMG_0301tara

“Whilst working as a Teaching Assistant for 18 months I knew that I had found my passion and that I needed to take the next steps to become a Teacher. Portsmouth Primary SCITT was the obvious choice due to their outstanding reputation within the city. My training gave me invaluable experiences and confidence that I never knew I had! With the endless support and guidance from the team at SCITT I was able to fulfil my dream. I am now in my second year as an Early Year‚Äôs Teacher and still receive support and opportunities through the relationships built with the SCITT team. I truly believe that my experiences during my training year made me flourish as a person and teacher and I am so grateful for the opportunity I was given.”



Helena MeekIMG_2956

“After completing a fashion degree and travelling, I knew that teaching was actually the career for me. SCITT gave me the opportunity I thought was out of reach with such little¬†experience.
However, with a strong support network and guidance from the staff, lectures and mentors I had this chance. After 2 years of being a qualified teacher I became leader for reception. During this year, EYFS were awarded ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED. I am now in my 4th year of teaching and have become a SCITT mentor myself which has been a rewarding experience. “



          Emine Muharrememine

“SCITT was the best decision I have ever made!¬†Using my twenties to study my passion, Musical Theatre, from college level up through to degree.¬†I applied to SCITT with¬†very¬†little school experience, armed only with bundles of enthusiasm and motivation to succeed. I have since been thrust into the most supportive, intensive but rewarding course where I have been carefully paired with a mentor who is an ex SCITT student herself, so knows exactly how to help me grow as a new teacher.¬†I now get to sing, dance and act every single day. The only difference is, this audience joins in and we all learn a little something along the way!”



Anthony Martanthony_martinin
“Applying and starting the Portsmouth PGCE SCITT course was the realization of my original career plan from school, though I have started a little later on in life having previously served in the Royal Navy as a Marine Engineering Artificer. The life and work experience gained during this time has been beneficial to me whilst on this course and I have no regrets about coming into teaching a little later in life. I am supported on this course by my wife and two young daughters, who are¬†¬† proud their dad is a teacher”.





Sue Powney
“Seven years ago I was a Sales Administration Manager for a local fabrics company. It was whilst I was a parent helper in my daughter’s class that I realized how much I enjoyed working with children and decided to change my career by becoming a class assistant. I decided to study for a degree on a part-time basis at Portsmouth University. I joined the SCITT course in September and haven’t looked back since! The course has been challenging, enjoyable and rewarding and I am now looking forward to having my own class at a local Infant school in September.”




Zaheda Mustafa
“I am a twenty six year old Psychology graduate from the Open University. I chose to train as a teacher following four years of experience in bilingual, family, SEN support and youth work within various primary schools. The SCITT course appealed to me because they take a maximum of thirty six students and can therefore offer tailored individual support and guidance when needed. I feel privileged to have been part of the SCITT course, which has given me a real advantage over others because of the practical, in-school training. The experience has been truly life changing!”